JA in a Day

“In JA in a Day, you’re helping students understand concepts that may not be brought up at home. It’s a great opportunity to interact with the kids and show them how financial concepts relate to communities, counties, states, and the global economy. Students realize that society is much bigger than me, my house, my block and my corner.” —JA in a Day volunteer

What is JA in a Day?

Students face a host of challenges in today’s world. The images they see on television and other media show a world where money is free-flowing and where high-paying jobs are the norm. How do they develop the skills to manage finances and prepare themselves for their own workplace future?

JA in a Day is Junior Achievement’s Common Core-aligned curriculum for elementary school students that begins a lifetime of learning about financial and career success. It offers teachers a turnkey solution for financial education, college preparation and work readiness skills.

JA in a Day offers parent and community volunteers the perfect opportunity to bring the JA elementary school curriculum to an entire school in one day. A volunteer team of 10-20 people deliver the provided, interactive curriculum to each of the participating K-5 classrooms.

JA in a Day Curriculum

JA in a Day offers grade-specific lessons. When a school delivers JA in a Day annually, a student can expect to receive the complete elementary school curriculum with progression every year. JA in a Day introduces a preliminary understanding of money and the basic principles of earning, spending, and saving.

The one-day curriculum includes:

Kindergarten: JA Ourselves // Story time for a lifetime of success.
1st Grade: JA Our Families // Success starts at home.
2nd Grade: JA Our Community // How other people help us succeed.
3rd Grade: JA Our City // Understanding the elements of career success..
4th Grade: JA Our Region // Helping others succeed.
5th Grade: JA Our Nation // Creating enduring success.

JA in a Day Volunteer Experience

Your 10-20 person volunteer team arrives at an elementary school early in the day. You join students in the classroom and deliver the easy-to-follow JA curriculum that is provided. The curriculum is activity-based and grade-specific. You are invited to bring your real-world experience and perspective to the conversation.

While volunteers have autonomy to lead the JA lessons, the teacher is always present to assist. To ensure that you are prepared for the day, JA provides training a few weeks prior to the event.

What to Expect

-Elementary school kids are wonderful, curious, and challenging.
-JA curriculum is “plug and play.” Simply show up, open the volunteer guide book, follow the prompts, and inject your own personality and experience.

Sample Agenda

-8:30 Arrival and networking
-8:45 Welcome and light refreshments
-9:00 Volunteers go into the classroom.
-9:15 Instructional time
-11:00 Lunch
-11:45 Instruction time
-1:30 Volunteer dismissal

Sponsor JA in a Day

Your company can bring the JA elementary school curriculum to a school in your community. To sponsor a class, a grade level, or an entire school, contact Kaitlin Bowman at 410-753-3293 or kbowman@jamaryland.org.