JA Personal Finance Experience

What is JA Personal Finance Experience?

Unforeseen circumstances can make or break a budget in the real world. Any number of variables can make a difference to one’s budget, great or small – marital status, number of children, employment, etc. – and students must be prepared to face these challenges as they learn to be financially literate.

JA Personal Finance Experience works to do just that. Throughout the day, students are faced with a life simulation to teach them the importance of a budget; they learn to appreciate the tough financial decisions they must make in today’s world – as well as the impacts that things like career choice and education have on their success.

The Experience

During the day, students will visit 18 stations, each representing an area of personal lifestyle expenses. As they navigate these individual experiences, volunteers help to guide them in making smart, informed spending choices. Each volunteer manages a station; volunteers receive on-site training and JA staff are always on hand.

JA Personal Finance Experience is an ideal experience for young people to learn to budget their money – a key practice as they move beyond school and enter the real world. Over the three-hour simulation, they experience set-backs and difficult choices; ultimately, though, students will leave JA with a clear understanding of the importance of budgeting and smart spending.

Volunteering for JA Personal Finance Experience

Volunteers are assigned to one of the 18 stations. Each volunteer will work with students to help guide their decision-making process. The curriculum is activity-based. You are invited to bring your real-world experience and perspective to the conversation. A JA staff member will provide a quick, onsite training session before the experience begins. A volunteer experience typically lasts two to three hours.

Sponsor a JA Personal Finance Experience

Your company can bring this experience to a school in your community. To sponsor, contactKaitlin Bowman at 410-753-3293 or kbowman@jamaryland.org.