Support JA

“By supporting volunteer efforts as well as fundraising events, we not only provide financial support to help JA meet its goals, we also have opportunities to do things outside of work that help build better internal relationships. Our partnership with JA is a win for both the community and our associates.” —JA Corporate Partner

Why Invest in JA?

Sponsoring JA is an investment in the next generation to help them bring their best skills to our global economy. It’s offering young people a better chance to make a meaningful contribution to their families, their employers, their country, and their world. Junior Achievement helps prepare young people for success by teaching them how to generate income, develop financial security, create jobs that make their communities more robust, and apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace. While many students aren’t yet thinking about these topics, JA is there, bringing them to the fore. We serve young people by helping them develop essential financial, workplace, and entrepreneurial skills. It is a unique opportunity to influence our economic future by investing in students today.

Special Incentives

Tax Credits –

Businesses and individuals that donate a gift of $500 or more to JA’s Baltimore City Project can earn tax credits equal to 50 percent of the cash, goods or real estate property contribution. These tax credits are in addition to the typical Federal and State deductions for charitable gifts.

CRA Qualified –

JA offers opportunities for depository institutions to teach high quality, CRA-approved financial education curricula to students from low- to moderate-income households. With unparalleled access to classrooms, JA helps many bank each year achieve Outstanding CRA ratings on the Service and Investment tests.

For information about these incentives, call 410-753-3294.

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