After-School Programs

JA After-School Programs

Schools and community organizations have the opportunity to bring JA’s high-quality programs to their students after school. That’s why JA has designed offerings specifically for this environment. Each program offers Common-Core aligned curriculum and grade-appropriate content. JA after-school programs enable educators and community volunteers to bring JA’s interactive curriculum to students in a variety of settings.

JA After-School Curriculum

JA Company Program

  • This high school program brings entrepreneurship to life as teens work together to fill a community need by launching a business venture.


JA More than Money

  • This elementary school program helps students learn the basic concepts of business and economics, and how education is relevant to the workplace.

JA It’s My Business

  • This program helps teens make important decisions about how to best prepare for their educational and professional future. It also offers extended learning opportunities to allow for greater flexibility and enhance the student experience.

JA After-School Volunteer Experience

JA staff will coordinate your arrival time with the school. You join the students to deliver the easy-to- follow JA curriculum that is provided. The curriculum is interactive and designed for the age group you are leading. You are invited to bring your real-world experience and perspective to the conversation.

While you have autonomy to lead the JA lessons, the teacher is always present to assist. To ensure that you are prepared, JA provides training a few weeks prior to your first class.

What to Expect

  • Students may need an extra dose of motivation and interactivity to maintain their attention after a full day of school.
  • JA curriculum is “plug and play.” Simply show up, open the guidebook, follow the prompts, and inject your own personality and experience.

Sponsor a JA After-School Program

Your company can bring the JA after-school curriculum to a school in your community. To sponsor a program, contact Kaitlin Bowman at 410-753-3293 or